Health Funds

Net Optical is an Approved Provider with all Major Australian Health Funds

So if you’re a member of a private health fund with optical cover you will be able to make a claim with your Net Optical receipt.


What Do I Need to Claim?

The receipt is emailed to you after your order is confirmed, and includes all the information you need to submit your claim. If your order includes lenses for two different people, and you both need a health fund receipt, please add this as an instruction in your order or contact us to advise. We’ll make sure you receive the correct receipts.


What I am I Eligible to Claim Back from my Private Health Fund?

Most funds only allow you to claim rebates for corrective contact lens products, not eye drops, contact lens solutions or the cost of delivery. All of our order receipts are fully itemised so to avoid any confusion and ensure you and Net Optical comply with Health Fund Requirements.


How Much Am I able to Claim Back from my Private Health Fund?

Whilst the coverage provided by Health Funds and specifically policies differ, generally most policies which include optical extras allocate between $150 - $200 per annum for optical related expenses. We recommend contacting to individual health fund to check the exact entitlements in your policy including the annual limits, waiting periods and renewal periods.


Lost Receipt

To access copies of all your order contact lens order receipts, log in to Your Account to view and print


Need Help?

If you have any questions about claiming health fund rebates, please contact us